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Beady Eye @ Ibiza Rocks

SANT ANTONI DE PORTMANY – More videos soon. “Baby fuck off” ahaha (song by Wayne County & the Electric Chairs). Night with deejay Zane too.

Beady Eye took to the stage at 10.55 to a huge applause from the crowd. Liam seemed to be in good spirits and characteristically prowled around the stage and leered into the microphone to sing with his arms behind his back.
Liam Gallagher will always be Liam Gallagher and retain his distinctive style, whether you like it or not. But you can’t fault the band, even if you don’t like their material – they are tight, professional and look the part. It’s pure rock and roll.

Liam Gallagher is suing a US paper after it claimed he fathered a secret love child behind his wife Nicole Appleton’s back.
Liza Ghorbani, a showbiz reporter, who is in her 30s and specialises in interviewing celebrities, alleges the former Oasis frontman is the father of her baby girl. His British spokesman declined to respond to the gossip – but told the star now plans with his lawyers to sue the New York Post.

But Liam said he’s not suing anyone, so there must be some untrue things the papers wrote, as always.

One of her friends, who was there the night she met him, said: ‘We went to the Norwood Club in Manhattan. Liza displayed all the classic signs of a groupie that night. I was shocked.
It was around 10pm and they were drinking and hanging out and acting more like friends and lovers than a writer and her subject. I remember feeling very uncomfortable. Liam was with two mates, one his business partner. He was sitting on a sofa with Liza. It was dark, with candlelight, quite romantic. He was drinking a lot of cocktails. Liza was also drinking, which was unusual.’

More pearls from the Oasis haters, they have no knowledge of Oasis at all. “Liam had one good debut album (written by his brother)”… hilarious. It’s Noel’s album written with discared songs from the 2001 and 2004 sessions, co-written with Gem. If they refer to Oasis’ debut album, it was mostly written by the Griffiths… “a series of increasingly terrible albums”: mostly written by Noel…

It even came out that Noel was “kicked out of the band” ahaha oh the poor victim, yeah should have done it…
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