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Beady Eye @ T in the Park 2013

KINROSS – @ Radio One stage. Some people are butthurt that Beady Eye were 1st in the chart in Scotland.
There is no question that Beady Eye are a good band. The legacy of Oasis was not built upon the older Gallagher brother’s songwriting alone, and Liam still cuts an intimidating figure behind the microphone, glowing with petulant charisma. He spits ‘I’m Just Saying’ and ‘The Roller’ into the haze of cascading drizzle cascad, and displays a dramatic improvement in the quality of his vocals with softer touches from BE, including a soulful ‘Start Anew’.
The rest of the band too, in Andy Bell, Gem Archer and Chris Sharrock, are all top drawer musicians, and the production touch of Dave Sitek makes a difference on the new tracks.

more videos soon
another photo @ backstage in the previous post

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