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Liam Gallagher’s new girlfriend Debbie

SANT ANTONI (Ibiza) – Italian paparazzi, lol. News about the soap opera: it seems Nicole left Liam, thank God ahaha I didn’t like her.
I had some doubts about his taste in women, only Patsy Kensit was cute, that Appleton looked like an ugly horse, Lisa (as he called her, “the fucking woman” ahaha) was ugly, Liza the same.
This one looks better (even if with a bit of extra belly… pregnant? ahaha)
All the haters should check if Liam is father of their sons too…
Brother Paul was with them (you know he preferred Beady Eye to Noel and attends their gigs and Pretty Green clothes and events).
Haters are now saying that Nicole should kick him out of the house… it’s not her house…
And of course they’re blaming Liam, not the woman looking for money eh… (”Liza isn’t after millions of dollars, she is simply seeking child support” ahaha hilarious and the millions…what for? to buy her a Ferrari?) And, oh she felt incredibly hurt… oh poor victim, what about his wife, girl?
Liam said he’s not suing anyone.
The story of the child is not so negative for the Oasis fans: in case he needs more money, that would mean he’s going to make more music, the film the Longest Cocktail Party (DiLello book) and maybe the Oasis reunion.
By the way, about the movie (maybe with Johnny Depp, who played guitar with Oasis) and Pretty Green clothes, Liam said it’s not a film about the Beatles (you know, it’s about the Apple), the music will be instrumental by them, while the people thought it would’ve been by the Beatles.
Also, Liam met Idris Elba by the pool at Ibiza Rock Pikes Hotel for the first time since their altercation and Liam held his hand out to Idris and apologised and Idris was ever grateful and apologised too. They happily spent the afternoon sunbathing together.
Tomorrow Benicassim festival.
Stay young!
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